Future of Work arrives in Taiwan


New Taipei office showcases OpenBlue capabilities and supports flexibility and productivity

OpenBlue showcase at the Johnson Controls Taiwan Taipei office where customers can learn more about our brands and smart building technology

Johnson Controls Taiwan employees are among the first to enjoy Future of Work benefits in Asia Pacific. Future of Work is a strategic initiative that provides employee-centric work arrangements and creates purpose-led office designs that meet the needs of our people. The new Taipei office also serves as a customer experience center where we host sales and marketing events to showcase our building technologies and solutions. 

In October 2020, the Taiwan team moved into a new office located at Qingcheng Street. Due to its proximity to important existing and potential new customers, the Taiwan team is now welcoming more customers to the office than ever before. The new space provides the team with opportunities to further strengthen customer relationships and generate new business leads. Recent visitors include top representatives from the Taipei Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Professional Engineer Association (TARPEA). They were impressed by the office design and our OpenBlue technology that highlights our smart building capabilities.

While some employees were initially skeptical about the location due to the longer commute and others were apprehensive about the open space office design, the team has now fully embraced the new Future of Work office. The new office features enhanced health and safety measures such as windows that automatically open at pre-determined intervals for increased natural ventilation. In addition, the use of space was optimized through flexible layout designs and moveable workstations that the team can reconfigure easily for different activities and events. It is a comfortable user-centric office that provides various workspaces suitable for collaborative interactions and independent work. The number of private offices has been reduced from five to one to encourage desk sharing and better space utilization. Employees can choose to work wherever they feel that they are most productive, including the option of working from home when necessary. 

The new Taipei office incorporates the latest technology, including a WiFi-based set-up optimized for productivity and office phone numbers that use a local Internet Protocol application for greater portability. The office is also equipped with three soundproofed phone booths in which employees can make phone calls without disturbing their colleagues, as well as five meeting rooms with audiovisual technology that enables efficient virtual, in-person and hybrid meetings.

In addition to that, there is also a customer experience center that showcases Johnson Controls products and solutions such as ACVS (Software House + Tyco), BAS (Metasys), EAS (Sensormatic), HVAC (OptiView), and Fire systems (detection).


Strong branding puts the spotlight on our smart building capabilities

Soundproofed phone booths provide privacy and noise control


Different seating options cater to different needs